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Meet the Great Marsh Partnership team below, or learn more about our partners further down the page.

Peter Phippen

Coastal Project Design and Implementation, Invasive Species; Coastal Coordinator, Massachusetts Bay National Estuary Program, Merrimack Valley Planning Commission

Dr. Alyssa Novak

Eelgrass Restoration, Marsh Erosion, and Green Crab Program; Coastal Ecologist, Boston University

Dr. Gregg Moore

Salt Marsh,  Dune, Threatened Coastal Plant Communities, Coastal Ecologist, University of New Hampshire

Geoffrey Walker

Invasive Species, Policy, and Implementation; Chair, Board of Selectmen, Town of Newbury, Sportsman, and Marsh Conservation


David Moon

Community Science and Coastal Resilience Manager, MassAudubon

Nancy Pau

Project Development and Oversight, Marsh Drainage Projects; Coastal Biologist, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Roger Warner

Founder and organizer, Green Crab R&D

Team Partners

Scroll down to see a list of our team partners.



A Community Initiative

Thank you to our Partners!

Protection and restoration of the Great Marsh would not be possible without the support of local, state, and national community partners.

US Fish and Wildlife Service
Ipswich River Water Association
NE Massachusetts Mosquito Control and Wetlands District
Simmons Stewardship and Conservation Ecology

Simmons Stewardship and Conservation Ecology

National Wildlife Federation
Simmons Stewardship and Conservation Ecology
MA Department of Fish and Game
​MA Coastal Zone Management
Division of Ecological Restoration (DER)
Communities of the Great Marsh

Communities of the Great Marsh

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